Journalist make news not war

Journalist make news not war

I think war is always associated with tons of bullet and guns, then I decides to choose this weapons as a symbolic visual artifact referring to humans war and ideological battle field. But somehow journalist at any field and circumstances has their own obligations to serves and reports the events to the society.

The Important, The Actual, The Controversial, and Interesting: Horizon of Indonesia’s national media

Bill Kovach Basically inherit two things. First application of Bylines as one form of accountability to the public and journalist support at the truth as a form of integrity in public service.
Message that is implied in an article titled “Independency of Bill Kovach: Pembaca surat kabar Indonesia is difficult to assess the integrity of journalists” by Andreas Harsono. Monitor, January 2004. The article underlines the performance of the national mass media, especially print media which has its own code of conduct in performing their duties proclaiming that occur in everyday reality to the general public, and as soon as possible in terms of inclusion journalists credit.
By lines, which is the subject of writing of Andreas, is one of the indicators on the implementation of codes of ethics. In the realm of the ideal, this applies as ethical accountability newsmaker of the fact that he got through the process of coverage and verification in the field. But unfortunately, the application by lines not yet so entrenched in the national newspapers.
In addition to corporate interests, many factors that cause the application of By Lines not grounded in national journalism. From the bright side, at least journalists know that the inclusion of credit every journalist who publicly known indirectly would spur them to work better because of accountability and performance are at stake in the media.
For the astute reader, the lack of inclusion of the name of the author as a work of journalistic accountability process is sometimes difficult to assess. If you’ve ever read and compare the national print media that circulate in the community, the application of By Lines can be calculated in the folds of the finger.
It is also that we can make a hypothetical statement: whether the more widespread due to the identity emerging media that the author does not have a significant proportion of ethics. Really? Maybe there should be more research about it.
Regarding the responsibility of the public we can reflect on the figure of Bill Kovach, a journalist from the land of uncle sam. At his afternoon age, Bill Kovach is still a chance to share knowledge with anyone in journalistic term. With less flight hours over four decades and of course with the ripening process that makes the real old man of integrity is being honed.
What would you do if there are relatives who harm the public interest, on the other hand you are a reporter? Bill answered a serious question with a firm, even to their children, “There are rules in my household. I always tell kids, ‘you can do anything but do not let tomorrow’s headline act was signed in the newspaper. If that happens, I’ll cover you as I covering the others. “How about you? So, by lines into something important?
Try to absorb a terrace sentence below:
“No doubt, the sky turned to pale gray, at the end of dawn meet the grief.”
Stature does not like men in general. Being approximately 170cm tall, with small bones wrapped meat, , the mustache as the identity of his manhood. Familiar with the greeting of Munir. Yes, this time GM talk about human rights martyr figure in Catatan Pinggir (Sidewalk Notes), Munir, Tempo, 19 September 2004.
Who presume relentless struggle that had been stalled for a moment did the country on the way to the place where he will continue the struggle toward the culmination of the next. Coupled academic improvement in order to stabilize the movement.
All that vanished over there
When the reformation and the presence of civilian government. Munir emerged as a figure that with all body and soul to fight for rights which have accrued to one’s life. The right to get justice, one of the fundamental rights of human beings. With precisely that reason he gathered his energy to learn more about the obligations and policies of the State in the protection of human rights in the land of windmills, the Netherlands.
The latest development said that Munir died unnaturally. Results autopsy concluded he died of excess arsenic consumed substance in the body normally. In other words poisoned!
So from the medical facts emerge assumptions or presumptions about the murder planned by someone who is disturbed by his human rights advocacy activity. A syndicate of organized intellectual.
Who does not infuriated if the personal and group interests must be in block Munir with rows of Kontras- the Commission for Disappearances and Victims of Violence, a humanitarian organization that built by Munir and his friends in striving.

Not only there. Family and closest relatives also receive a variety of terror. Starting from threats over the phone or sending signals threat to residence.
In note edges, GM actually write a letter of allotment for Munir’s sons and daughters in the future, future. Distinctive style of literary writing embedded in every word, sentence, and that was brought up GM full nuance of human interest. Very brightened and touching. Messages will fear the loss of someone who might never appear again in this country.
Until now the human tragedy is still not found a bright spot searches. Before the intellectual actor revealed the news about human rights and Munir will always be actual.

Imagine, if only a formality before the law just in front of the State apparatus. Law is a tool without meaning, no meaning without matter.
In one of its weekly edition, dated March 9, 2003, Weekly News Magazines (MBM) Tempo raise an article in a national column titled “There is Tomy in Tenabang?”.
Based on coverage in the field, three journalists MBM Tempo is Ahmad Taufik, Bernard Rurit, and Cahyo Yuniadi find hidden fact relating to the land market market fire brother. Have inquired searchingly, there is a element of premeditation in the fire that destroyed the 5700 kiosk, 1 trillion merchandise and unemployed  1.3 million people instantly.
Three journalists concluded that in advance there is engagement between Artha Graha Group boss was with the Regional Government of DKI Jakarta – a kind of symbiosis tender, You glad I satisfied.
Tomy also filed a lawsuit to court.
Various reactions to the incidents involving appears capitalists such as Tomy Winata with MBM Tempo. Issue sticking out of the criminalization of the press. Imagine, as the vanguard of the legal apparatus for justice, silence does not apply only when the executioners posts TW ‘behave’ in the newsroom MBM tempo,  even when the apparatus is in their the territory. Anyone cant imposed things using physical violence! Moreover, officials at headquarters perched. Tempo, one of the pioneers of mass media in Indonesia did not move at the green table. Session after session passed.

TEMPO + Anonymous Source = U.S. $ 1 million
In a report the magazine Monitor, the case is more sticking to the public after the South Jakarta District Court ultimately win this case for TW. Even one million U.S. dollars in the charge to the media for immaterial damages in the form of defamation and victimization public by issuing false news without the power of ‘witness’. Tempo, use it in naming its starting ‘confidential source’ for the case. Andreas Harsono in one of his writings say, “Maybe this is a valuable lesson. An anonymous source, that statement was not verified by a second source or document, could be the beginning of the rampant lawsuit against the media. ”
These day, $ 1 million U.S. $ could be … … in your dream!

Rather choose interesting stuff

Geographically this country cornered from each other. Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia while the Chinese Communist state is indented into the European Continent.
What will happen if the two cities of the world civilization was told in a picture frame? Is Oscar Motuloh, the photographer senior from Indonesian news agency, Antara. And Zhuang Jin, a photojournalist from the Chinese news agency Xinhua has two years of dive grove capital of Indonesia, the documentation.
In the work of two photographers, the implicit cultural contradictions. The theme of poverty, social irony, or symbol of life to be captured every step of the documentation.
Let us look at the photo ruins in one slum China with a young man who was framing the fragility of the tree trunk. Then, let’s see photos that accompany skyscraper blue clouds, framed in the work of the human form of the dragon statue. Can be summed up in the photos of two opposing world. There are individuals who ‘lack’ in the material, but on the other hand, there is also an excess in making material.
Storey building and a dragon statue two cultural acculturation. The skyscraper more representative of the western world with the globalized modernity, while, more dragon statue representing the culture of the ancestors of the eastern nations.
Look also photo by Jin Zhuang. First, a shooting in the bustle of daily demonstrations and the poor at Jakarta. Hands fist, flag down, signifies the human spirit will be a change for the better in the midst of poverty that hit many areas in this nation.
Photography here is only a medium to convey social messages to us. In retrospect container in rotation of life. And the ‘subjective’ above the two photographers have said.
The work of photographer transnational exchange was exhibited in a simultaneous exhibition on December 13, 2003 ago, which took place in the two capitals, Jakarta and Beijing, with a unified theme: A Tale of Two Cities. In the realm of photojournalism Indonesia-in particular-, it is valuable momentum as domestic acknowlege photojournalism, both the perpetrators and the larger institution represents.