Manifesto of Kandang Jurang Doang

This is not school in general
That cost is often troublesome parents
This is not also expect aid charity
of compassion and a helping hand
we have the attitude, our hands are always on top to give
not look up request
If we given assistance please do not make the rules

That paragraph of the prologue of the six stanza poem graffiti manifest from Kandang Jurang Doang founded on the initiation of Dik Doang. Amid the sparkling celebrities of national artistry world, from the beginning of 1993 based on Angkasa Pura, not many local artists such as this figure has been determined so far today hard to establish a school community that blend in with nature and make friends with local cultural wisdom to survive until now.

Kandang Jurang Doang Nature School is full of philosophy art and culture, two sides of a coin like this gives life to the process of identifying the natural school. Until the mid-nineties, exactly three years before President Suharto stepped down to his kingdom, this school had nine children and sixteen students who learn and proceed.

Even in 1997 when it moved into the complex Alvita, Sawah Baru, Ciputat who only laughed merrily filled by twenty-five children who are willing to learn and proceed. But life is a process, the process is changing, and the changes that signify a life, in the words of this philosophy was later maturation process Kandang Jurang Doang increasingly.

In 2005 a new class was opened again to strive to increase the creativity and nurture the identity of the young generation of Indonesia as one determinant of the direction of travel of the nation. “They are the embryo, forerunner, seed-bud, where the eyes dart this nation will be racing very dependent on them. So to them we entrust this nation. What would be a copycat nation, the cheater or the creator,” Dik utterances in the official website.

Thanks to the smart work and determination and support of faith communities, some communities, institutions and agencies that disagree with the current philosophy of the creative community Kandang Jurang Doang team makes it self-sufficient nature school on their own feet. Until late 2010 there were 1500 reported their official pages active students attending play with nature, with records, facility Lapank Doang 800 people, 450 people Kampunk Doang, Doang Library 70 people, Kandank Jurank Doang 500 people.

Other learning support facilities in the form of stage, small mosque, studio, fish pond, playground, class A and class B, and the resolution development process of coliseum final stages that can accommodate approximately 600 people.

The current routine in nature terebut school is buffalo bathing, hiking in the fields, planting rice, fishing, flying fox, bat boat (the form of a motivational game with medium water to try rowing tirelessly), bridge branch (the form of motivational games to train eliminating fear), and monkey ladder (the form of motivational games to train their children to finish what has begun).

Amid the formal curriculum system and the rigid presence. Kandank Jurang Doang can be an oasis from the poverty and illiteracy that haunt future generations continue to proceed in the archipelago with finding a point of novelty and enlightenment to remain a ‘live’ and free.

Kandang Jurang Doang does not offer the millions of dollars for each activity that will bring children to the contemplation of nature when interacting with the buffalo, trampling mud fields, fun looking fish, up to a bridge game sticks in order to overcome the common fear struck productive school-age children in general. In this cage a child will learn not to become self pleasantries.

If we are lazy will be oppressed. If we are foolish to ridicule. If we are negligent will be tempted. If we are weak will be colonized. If we doubt will be deceived. – Dik Doang.

Poros Sastra Muda free without bond

If we find young people who still care about literature, yes, PSM, or an abbreviation of Poros Sastra Muda, the Youth Centre of Literature. Non-profit associations which stand about nearly a year ago in an activity room of High School of Communication Studies (STIKOM). Literature is a movement that rose from a desire to stay in touch with the maniacs literature from various campuses to move the literature not only internal but mostly among young generation in a simultaneous and continuous way.

“PSM no fixed organization but a movement of the shaft to unify the many literary societies in various campus,” said Ima a frontman of PSM. This is why there is no structure, membership, place and time stand clear.

According to him, it’s because essentially literary nature of personal and creative journey that is different every person who made ​​them free and out of the PSM without any restriction and attachment.

The dominant activity of this association is a non-profit, discussion and sharing of ideas around the world literary in Bandung (in particular) and Indonesia (general), other than that PSM is also a mediator for various literary groups such as Education University of indonesia campus, Ruang Sastra  (Room of Literature) STIKOM, Gelanggang (venue) Padjajaran University, and other non-campus with various elements of literature in an activity enthusiast literature.

One of the last activities is Banjir Sajak (Flood of Poem) on October 28 to November 2 ago, in the form that contains the installation of banners along the road Jatinangor poetry. Where the role of PSM not only help smooth the publications and other such events, but rather the aspect of uniting the various elements.

Not many college students who dare to wrestle promote literature, when a community based literature movement such PSM not exist anymore, it’s so shameful if we didn’t do nothing!