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Loves things called Ninita-and-Cicipanda. Animals lovers. Tahu Gejrot masters. Heavy hooligans of Bakso Malang Parto. A self-driven independent thinker whose tryin to redefine the gap beyond simplicity and hierarchy. Seekin what was the meaning of truth nor life worth livin! And lastly, definite absolute passionate kissers. Ha!

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America in recession. Photo by Dorothea Lange.
The world war and cold-blooded-destructive revolution conflicts had already gone by late 19th century, now welcoming the 21st century digital age our tasks are more challenging. At one side the photojournalists and reporters have moral obligations upon code of conduct [ethics] of journalism to supports their republic country during wars on contrary with nowadays changing times to banned the sectarians-concervative group whose trying to imposes their beliefs. Through the perspective of photojournalism Oscar Motuloh answers the spirits of resistances.