We The People : Its the true (90s) reality

A. Okhi Irawan Wiryanatakusumah

A writer, photographer, social activism enthusiast, heavy metal addict. at AOKHI
Loves things called Ninita-and-Cicipanda. Animals lovers. Tahu Gejrot masters. Heavy hooligans of Bakso Malang Parto. A self-driven independent thinker whose tryin to redefine the gap beyond simplicity and hierarchy. Seekin what was the meaning of truth nor life worth livin! And lastly, definite absolute passionate kissers. Ha!

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Perhaps this is the kind of hardcore music typology. From the age of 7 Seconds until the present millennium. Drum division bulldoze aggressively beat the rhythm of distortion, inherent with the messages department which unnecessary laced bold within sophisticated diction or denotation of winged metaphors with echoes of bass boom.

They’re the quartet Aziz (vocals), Arfian (guitar), Whisnu (bass), and Trie (drums) from We The People who are conjured up steeped in the romance nuances old school hardcore sound era of 80-90s by the engineer Ershad Ali Sofi of teargas Lab Studio in peripheral Alley of Asep Belian, Cicadas, West Java, Bandung.

The issue of social reality of humanism, education, economic, consumerist lifestyle of the urban try to emerged and expressed with their daily mother language. There are six tracks such as the Children exploitation, Gas minyak tanah (kerosene), Sekolah yang tak terbeli (school that is can’not bought), Pembalak liar (illegal loggers), Konsumerisme (Consumerism), and Satwa (the Animals) which are of heavily short duration, solid, but contaminated with positive energy. Suitable for those of you, the malayan youth of today, who are poor of social awareness in terms of art.

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