ON THE MEDIA: Collecting, Processing, and Presentation

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As we know that the mass media divided into two major categories, namely, the print media, electronic media. The new media that have a place in Indonesian society these days is the internet as a new medium at the communication age.
Initially only a record
In early development, activity reporting, writing or journalistic activity known as the acta diurna, in the literal sense means the activity to write and proclaim the senate activities that took place at the time of Julius Caesar, around the 15th century. Now, after centuries past, a daily journal written by a journalist or diurnarii or has undergone significant changes based on changes that accompany age.
Journalistic activities can be viewed in some aspects. First, from the collection process. Forum editors are usually held, is the initial process before reporting to the field. In the forum, the entire crew of editors, both top management to lower management, a discussion about the actual issue that will be shown in every edition.
Then, after an agreement on what the theme will be ‘served’ the public editor of the crew jumped into the field under his job description respectively. Journalist as the main subject of journalistic activities. In structure, gathering news through the coordination process between the journalist as the main guard editorial by editorial staff who are on the table behind the existing institutions.
If the order is sorted as follows: Chief Editor – Managing Editor – Coordinator. Coverage – Journalist.
In the print media landscape, journalists are the primary subjects that are directly related to news sources. Then, the subject was responsible for editorial structural thereon and an institution when there is news that is considered defamatory or make a less good faith in the mind of the reader. Editors should provide a right of reply and correction rights when it turns out has made a mistake.
The process of preparing the print media in general use graphical displays that are categorized as simple or simpler, especially the media that there are formal. Try to compare the national media such as newspaper Kompas, Koran Tempo, etc. Mind. Looks simple is not it? Advanced typography is simplicity.

This is addressed in the formation of a visual language characteristics, ranging from the placement of the letter that looks simple, elegant, and eye-catchy, columns and textures are arranged in order to look more familiar and easily read by most people. Copywriting, or about aspects of writing and character styles that are offered to the public depends on the ideology and background of the media itself. There is written like a formal reporting standard, there is a story with a simple human speech so easily absorbed, there is also a sophisticated, full of contemplation and make shrunken brain.
And then electrified
Like the print media, the basic patterns of journalism in the search for, cultivate a fact the news is not much different. Only, the process presentation that gets different proportions.
Cyber ​​medium and the Age of journalism
As one embodiment of the third revolution after the industrial and agricultural revolution, information revolution is a continuation of the dynamics of human life from the use of muscle and machine to optimize brain and creative ideas. And finally appears a form of media in the information form the internet after a variety of innovations carried out to convey a message to the public. Finally, people also get a new vehicle in acquiring knowledge.
Cyber ​​Media is the medium of mass communication through the media world wide web in a space and time is called the virtual world. This is a new paradigm in the development of mass media that is able to transform the methods of interaction information on the development of present and future.
Cyber ​​Media has the main character, does not know borders (borderless), timeless (timeless), immediately (real time), and speed time (high speed). This is one of the cyber media advantages compared with other conventional media such as print media.
In general, the search process or the news media of cyber systems are not much different from conventional media such as newspapers, magazines and the like which are the means of message construction channels fro communicator to the communicant. There are work processes such as coverage by reporters into the field with coordination through the coordinator’s coverage, go to the editorial desk facing the managing editor who is in the second tier structure in the field editors.
Furthermore, the policy process-whether or not a work worthy of journalism in the media on-line decided in an editorial forum along with policies that are in the editorial responsibilities. Then, the buildings throughout the system referring to the fact the messages are selected, produced, processed, and eventually broadcast by the source through this fast-paced media to be able to be accepted and responded to by a number of audiences scattered, heterogeneous and anonymous. But, in on-line media like this, processing, and presentation of news take place very quickly.
Regarding the communication pattern
The same message can be received simultaneously, a second, and fast. In general, cyber media have diverse communication characteristics, can be one-way (one way communication) and two-way (two way communication). But it usually depends on the policy of the web owner. Because the goal was global. Typically, the communication that occurs within a site can be two way in which the communicator (owner) and communicant (The access the Internet) can interact directly without the need for bureaucracy and excessive costs. The communicants to respond to its information, and appear on the site page directly, through page or column reader opinions available.

Cyber ​​media lately is an industrial area to the world of journalism. Therein can be created information, supplements, consultation, public information, advertising, and of course the new employment in the field of information services. The development shows, that from time to time Internet users continues to grow. Let’s look at the global data center, Internet security services company that handles the server site until February 2000 showed that only registered visitors to the site 8 million people per day. Five years from that year, the number of users jumped significantly, definitely!
In cyber, deadline of a product of journalistic form of ‘news’ is a front view, and menus and sub-menu information needed an audience in place next to the edge of the headlines. As the Home page news today with updated news, archival information, was no less important. The menus presented information on a regular basis and systematically arranged to stay in clicks.
Cyber ​​Page views are different from the conventional media. In the view of conventional media page, the audience should bother turning the pages to obtain the information he wants, whereas, in our cyber page views practically lived just clicking on it. And time will be more efficient in the presence of the search engine, in which we live news typing the desired theme, and then, after we discovered just choose the themes that have been filtered. Cyber ​​also has packaging graphics even more interesting dynamic than in the conventional media. This can be seen in aspects of organizing elements such as point, line, form, texture, color, and tone into a structure and form a unified, orderly, and significantly more than the appearance of the conventional media. Display and appearance of cyber media provide value plus a more attractive first impression for the

Speaking about the value more: Advertising via conventional media.
Laid appearance of the conventional media as the main thing besides the weight of the contents are displayed, so that the average forms of lay out in the conventional media is quite good, good, and creative. Meanwhile, one aspect of the weaknesses of this medium, first, the physical form quickly obsolete compared to the contemporary media forms such as cyber. So that continuity will be very minm journalistic work. Then, if we would look for a topic or a particular advertisement should be searched thoroughly and regularly, it affects the individuals who have high mobility.
The information presented in print media is the news that has occurred and up to the audience who already went to press on the production period, so if there are more actual news and crucial after the production period elapsed, the event will not be contained. As with the site, the news contained in the web pages can be updated instantly. So, the news will be publicized throughout the world with as soon as possible (in accordance with one of the essence of journalism.) Another disadvantage, namely, the media (cyber) this can be misused by anyone and can be confused for a particular purpose because there is no limitation for users who can access it, so it is very dangerous for the psychological development of cyber service users who are under age, if not receive assistance and protection of older adults.