Take a sneak preview to the hilarious blog you’ve ever seen

This site is interesting, unique, creative, and sometimes strange because it presents a variety of things that are often not the usual. Such as body art tattoo, well, art to tattoo the body with special ink, but the eyelids are a medium. Or coverage of World Biggest Indoor Theme Park Trans Studio in Makassar-Indonesia. Or even hooked up list as lamebook.com presents. I think this is one unique blog quite entertaining.

MySpace and Last.fm: Consuming and seek creative catharsis on the personal page music site

Flamboyant lifestyle has become a commodity, no matter how small it is. Rupert Murdoch’s evidence, the media magnate is always leading in the corporate media update. Let’s look at how the national media that has become part of the capital which he invested the valorization. Not only that, some national pub in big cities also have closed ranks with him.

Join the myspace so noisy follow-up enliven the Murdoch’s victory. And I realize that. But I have other options more attractive, last.fm, try to look at this site. In addition to audio with iTunes favorite excursion, we can also update information about the world of music. Consumption however creative, isnt it?

After the media, pub, social networking, and others, there is the possibility of Rupert Murdoch will invade drawstring seal two artificial rabbit from Cimindi to participate and become part of it. Who knows?